Joiner Node Question/Recommendations

I have two tables Data 1 and Data 2. Inside the two tables I want to join based on calibration. In table Data 1 the column name is Cal Value and this is a list of all potential possibilities. In table Data 2 the column name is Calibration and this lists what calibrations go to what object. So in table Data 2 there are duplicate calibrations because multiple objects can be using the same calibration. When I use Joiner only one of the objects are receiving the data from table Data 1 and all others are empty. I need a way that rows in table Data 1 can be used multiple times.  


Can you show us some example data and what your desired output would be?

Hi Katrina, 

The problem is that you're using Inner Join mode. 

If your calibration dictionary table is the left one (upper port) and your objects table is the right one (lower port) you have to use the Right Outer Join mode (or the Left Outer Join mode if you swap the tables).