Joiner Node - Unexpected GUI behaviour with new incoming columns

I stumbled over an unexpected behaviour of the Joiner node (first in 3.5, but in 4.0.2 it is reproducible).
If a new column in present in the left or right table, it is not displayed in the Input Window, when no column is present in the Exclude side (or in other words, when all columns are selected, but the Always include all column is unchecked).
E.g. get the Iris data set, join with itself (using RowID, all columns, but uncheck the “always…”), introduce a filter column node and filter a column (here Petal Length), Execute, now add the filtered column back…
Surprisingly the Petal width column does not show up in the Joiner node GUI. It re-appears if a) you type someting in the filter and delete it again or b) another column was present already in the Exclude side (e.g. exclude the Sepal Length beforehand), but c) even when putting other columns to the Exclude side the Petal Length does not show up again.
I assume this was not the indented behaviour!?
ps: attached a screen shot of the workflow and the GUI, when Petal Length is present in the right table, but does not show up

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I believe it behave this way because of Remove joining columns … check-mark.

Hi izaychik63,
as I said in the text, joining is done on RowIDs, so check box does not play a role here.

Hi @stoeter -

Thanks for the report and detailed description. I can reproduce the issue as well - I’ll file a ticket.

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Hello @stoeter -

Are you still seeing this behavior on your end? After revisiting the ticket I created, we are having some trouble reproducing it now. It’s possible this was addressed by a separate bug fix that I’m not aware of, so I just wanted to check and see what your experience has been after upgrading to a newer version of KNIME.


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yes I can still reproduce it in 4.1.1 (and 3.7) on windows 7.
However, I also had problems of reproducing it, and the first 2-3 times I tried I could not reproduce it anymore. Dont ask me what I did, recreating the workflow, going forth and back with configuring and excecuting… ? , at some point this behaviour was there again.
So I assume it was not fixed yet. It is really strange…

By the way I also have another thing that was difficult to reproduce when using the Color Manager. It happens sometimes that when I configured the colors and press OK, then for bit of a second the last color selected changes to some other color, before the configuration window closes. At the end a wrong color is assigned. It was just not reproducible (it happens maybe every tenth time!?), this is why I did not post it in the forum… but I assume this suppose to be in a separate topic…

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