Joiner tables,using a shared column, not RowID.

Dear all,

Just to make the example simple to understand, I got 2 tables:
TABLE1: ID, group, smile
TABLE2: ID, smile ,HierarchyID
TABLE1(ROW 1~38 total 38 data)
MOL_ID group smile
BT00 VA05 C
BT01 VA10 CC
TABLE1 RowID is start from Row1
TABLE2(ROW 0~49 total 50 data)
ID smile HierarchyID
0 C   1
1 CC  1.1
2 CCC 1.1.1
HierarchyID is used JChem's LibraryMCS
TABLE2 RowID is start from Row0
I would like to join them so that I can then get
ID MOL_ID group smile HierarchyID
0 BT00 VA05 C   1
1 BT01 VA10 CC  1.1
2 BT02 VA15 CCC 1.1.1
When I used Joiner "smile" not choose RowID
Join mode is select "Full Outer Join"
WARN Joiner Encountered and fixed some duplicate row keys at the end of the table
ERROR Joiner Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID  "Row1" at row number 51
any other suggestion ?

Dear Mindy,

I can't reproduce this. That error message sounds strange. I'll contact you and will ask you for details on how to reproduce this and possibly a workflow or data.