Joining Big file stuck at 99%

Hi Guys,
I am new KNIME user. Basically I am joining(inner join) two CSV file size of file in terms of row is 1.3M and 900K. Join is stuck at 99% for more than 1 hour. can someone please help me to resolve this.
Thank you

Hi @Deepshikha_01 and welcome to the KNIME forum

This -joiner- behaviour has been reported several times in the forum. It normally happens when the final number of generated “joined” rows is beyond huge and hence intractable.

Maybe the following older thread with its “checking” solution could help you:

20220518 Pikairos Check Final Number of Matches before Joining.knwf (37.6 KB)

Essentially , the above workflow “predicts” the final number of generated rows as if we had done the joining between the two tables and that without having to accomplish the joining. If the number of rows is unreasonably huge, then one can know it beforehand and thus find a different tractable strategy to achieve the joining.

Hope it helps.


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