joining by row wise

hi everyone,
Here I have doubt about how to combine two cells into one cell.
|Input 1| Input 2| Output|
|Computer| Desk| Computer,Desk|
|Mouse| CPU| Mouse,CPU|
|Tree| Stem| Tree,Stem|

Note: Please think these all are in one excel sheet itself

Hi @Ranjit , welcome to KNIME forum

The Column Aggregator node is the way to go.
gr. Hans

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Welcome to the forum @Ranjit. For this, you can explore using the Column Combiner node.


Groupby should also work. (The more solutions the better right?)

Yes, Groupby will also work, just like the join() function will via the String Manipulation or Column Expressions, but probably the most optimized one would be the Column Combiner, as that’s what it basically does

I agree with chosing the most optimized solution. Column Aggregator or Combiner would also my first choice. It would be interesting to run a timer node on the performance difference though. Maybe if I have more time I will try it just out of curiousity as I am always interested in performance improvement

In the Column Aggregator node there is the option to uncheck missing values when you go for concatenate. So in case you have cells with no values, just a missing “?”, then the Column Combiner will present them in the output.
So next to performance, this option can make a difference when you choose between aggregation or combining.


Thq to everyone for responding. I got the Solution for this case

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