Joining columns by same event name


I have created a workflow in KNIME that allows me to combine two data sets, with similar event names, together. This allows me to combine and analyse large chunks of data. However, I’ve noticed that not all event name “join” successfully together, despite having the same name. I was worried there might be some invisible characters so put a “String Manipulation” node into the workflow. This did not solve my problem.

Please help? What could be causing this? Event names in both files are the same.

Hi @svijay

Are they of the same data type on both sides? By event names you column column names?

In cases like this it’s really difficult to troubleshoot from a distance without seeing what you’re doing. A dummy/anonymized workflow or screenshots would go a long way in getting someone to be able to help you :wink:


@svijay One thing you could do is test for the additional invisible characters. Create a token (by removing spaces, unwanted characters etc) and test the tokens for length. Then filter those out and test a sample to see what is going on…

I use this method for address validation in my workflows.

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