Joining long list of dates and date ranage

I’m currently trying to join two tables together.

The first one has a date range
Start, End, Year

2nd table has list of dates in the report

Hopeful output
Reported Date Year
13/06/2019 2019
31/12/2017 2018

I tried binner dictionary with no luck. As well, for some reason, my dates have changed when converting it from string to date. Would anyone please be able to help?

Date Range workflow.knwf (22.2 KB)

Hello @Aliciang78,

Binner (Dictionary) is a way to go for this one. Dates have changed cause you used wrong format to convert string to Date. The format to use is dd/MM/yyyy. See list of placeholders in node description.


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Thanks! It works now! I guess I just have to double check my dates format.

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