JPMML Classifier node error when appending probability columns

Hello everyone,

I am getting an error when using the JPMML Classifier node. I am modeling binary classes (0/1) and I am using a PMML export from IBM SPSS Modeler. The data have 82 fields. I read the PMML with the "PMML Reader" node and score my data with the "JPMML Classifier" node. Using the "JPMML Classifier" node as-is is working as expected: I get a prediction field appended to my data with binary labels.

But, when I check the "Append columns with normalized class distribution" under the "Options" tab in the node dialog, the node outputs the following error upon execution:

ERROR JPMML Classifier     0:12       Execute failed: Cell count in row "Row0" is not equal to length of column names array: 84 vs. 82

Looks like the node cannot write the probability columns to the data, or change the data model.

Any ideia how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!


is it possible for you to share the workflow? It would be best if I could have a look at it myself. What kind of model does your PMML contain?

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Hi ,

i tried to solve this by using below flow.

Tree Ensemble Model Extract -> Table to PMML -> PMML to Cell -> Cell to PMML -> JPMML Classifier.


Hope this will work.