Json file and Knime

Hi, im fairly new to knime and was trying to use it for basic data refining. however I currently face problem of bringing one big file of json data, but only the first row is shown and handled by knime. I was able to read the whole data in pandas. Below is short example of how the data looks like(two rows of datasets)

Appreciate any help!

{“abstract”: “The purpose of this study is to develop a learning tool for high school students studying the scientific aspects of information and communication net- works. More specifically, we focus on the basic principles of network proto- cols as the aim to develop our learning tool. Our tool gives students hands-on experience to help understand the basic principles of network protocols.”, “authors”: [“Makoto Satoh”, “Ryo Muramatsu”, “Mizue Kayama”, “Kazunori Itoh”, “Masami Hashimoto”, “Makoto Otani”, “Michio Shimizu”, “Masahiko Sugimoto”], “n_citation”: 0, “references”: [“51c7e02e-f5ed-431a-8cf5-f761f266d4be”, “69b625b9-ebc5-4b60-b385-8a07945f5de9”], “title”: “Preliminary Design of a Network Protocol Learning Tool Based on the Comprehension of High School Students: Design by an Empirical Study Using a Simple Mind Map”, “venue”: “international conference on human-computer interaction”, “year”: 2013, “id”: “00127ee2-cb05-48ce-bc49-9de556b93346”}
{“abstract”: “This paper describes the design and implementation of a methodology for the visualisation and hypothetical virtual reconstruction of Roman polychrome statuary for research purposes. The methodology is intended as an attempt to move beyond visualisations which are simply believable towards a more physically accurate approach. Accurate representations of polychrome statuary have great potential utility both as a means of illustrating existing interpretations and as a means of testing and revising developing hypotheses. The goal of this methodology is to propose a pipeline which incorporates a high degree of physical accuracy whilst also being practically applicable in a conventional archaeological research setting. The methodology is designed to allow the accurate visualisation of surviving objects and colourants as well as providing reliable methods for the hypothetical reconstruction of elements which no longer survive. The process proposed here is intended to limit the need for specialist recording equipment, utilising existing data and those data which can be collected using widely available technology. It is at present being implemented as part of the ‘Statues in Context’ project at Herculaneum and will be demonstrated here using the case study of a small area of the head of a painted female statue discovered at Herculaneum in 2006.”, “authors”: [“Gareth Beale”, “Graeme Earl”], “n_citation”: 50, “references”: [“10482dd3-4642-4193-842f-85f3b70fcf65”, “3133714c-f979-4d84-9224-97361cf053ab”, “3a926fef-7422-4654-8776-8e31b45be563”, “52f480e8-85e6-4c01-9e5b-d75eabf6a8ec”, “6f52f995-7c4c-4a92-83aa-d1c9fbd2465c”, “8bd964d6-c45f-448c-9e65-efe5f98ca0a0”, “8fa0a362-6522-48fc-bd5e-24de00ed6511”, “9bfa8c24-8fb6-44d9-ba42-38b22f9cf34b”, “b57cc9ef-64b6-479d-9918-5f283af3219d”, “b678b546-e867-4a57-8963-c5545b04f32d”, “e5c40bf5-7ee2-4cff-a75a-b708ab69997b”, “f0dccb0c-c17a-4fcb-a89f-fe4bdfa3356d”, “fdd93623-31c8-487b-8554-d6c6b25af5f6”], “title”: “A methodology for the physically accurate visualisation of roman polychrome statuary”, “venue”: “visual analytics science and technology”, “year”: 2011, “id”: “001c58d3-26ad-46b3-ab3a-c1e557d16821”}

Welcome to the forum @SeF.

You said that “only the first row is shown and handled by knime”, but it’s unclear to me what that means.

Can you give us some more details? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What output are you aiming for? Can you share your workflow? What about the json file(s)?

In addition to what elsamuel said, you might want to have a look at a minimal reproducible example.

You can share small files directly in the forum (more readable) or quote code with the preformatted text option in the editor. The forum engine will mess up some characters otherwise.

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Ah thanks for the replies. I figured the problem. Json file wasnt at its original series format.


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