JSON File Not Showing Rows

I have a REST API pulling invoice line detail data that I am using inside a workflow. My first issue was the the REST API came out funny & I needed to use a Binary Objects to Strings node to get the result into correct data type.

My issue now is that everything is stuck on one row. The JSON hierarchy should be 3 levels:

  1. receivablesInvoices
  2. receivablesInvoiceLines
  3. receivablesInvoiceLineTaxLines

When the JSON goes to a table there should be:

  • 10 Invoices
  • 19 Invoice lines total (the receivablesInvoiceLineTaxLines should be on the same row as receivablesInvoiceLines)

I saw a number of folks use the Ungroup but that does not seem to be working for me. Is there anyone out there who might be able to tell me where I am going wrong?

File_0.json (63.2 KB)
Parse JSON to Table.knwf (9.3 KB)

Your node combination is right, you need different queries. It works similar to XPath nodes where we have to query each level separately. Here’s the output (LineTaxLines are empty in the sample):

The steps are simple: Query, ungroup, repeat. The node configuration wasn’t as obvious to me, because the important buttons are on the left. Select what you want, then press either the “Add single query” (1 item → 1 row after ungrouping) or “Add collection query” (all items → n rows after ungrouping). You can also manually edit the queries with the buttons on the right. I work with XPath nodes a lot, I rarely need to do that though.

Let me know if that’s what you wanted to do! :evergreen_tree:

Parse JSON to Table.knwf (85.4 KB)


This is exactly what I was missing. So what I need to do is define each “level” of the JSON file in separate Ungroup nodes. I think that is the part that I was not understanding.

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Great to hear it works!
Technically you can go directly to each level and/or item with the Path queries. I do that sometimes in one-time workflows, but it’s way easier to wrap your head around the process if you do it level by level.

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