json or xml parsing problem? help for editing

Hi guys;
The problem with the workflow in the appendix is that I want to parse the json from the source, but I have tried it in json or xml. I’m doing something nice (I’m a novice) if you can help.

ThanksKNIME_Italy__project(2).knwf (30.8 KB)


I tried a few things with your example but was not really able to extract any meaningful information. Maybe you would care to elaborate what it is you want to extract, how the final data would look like.

The file seems to be Json but the structure is not clear. Without that it is hard to find a suitable path to a solution.

You could have a look at this threads for inspiration

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Hi; @mlauber71
The information I want to remove is yellow in the image and url link.
The source url address and the json url address are as follows. I don’t understand what’s weird. I would appreciate it if you check again.


I would like to learn if there is a better method of solution for your suggestion. it is not necessary to take data in this way, I am open to other methods.

I still tried a few things but in the end it seems there is no ‘real’ html page coming back just some database connection and Palladian seems not be able to retrieve it in a structured way

Like @qqilihq has mentioned here since you seem to have quite some html parsing questions/tasks it might be worth trying to use the suggested Selenium nodes.

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Hello there;
In my opinion, JavaScript or dynamic web pages (to scan, collect data from the subjects) because the features should be developed httpretriever and parse remains as a solution.

I think Palladian nodes should be able to work efficiently on pages containing JavaScript. At least work in a non-exclusive general practice

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