JSON Path and Ungroup node


When I have to transform JSON to table I use JSON Path node. The problem is that (that’s the only way I know) I have to use it (for the collection query) in combination with the Ungroup node (it is recommended node after JSON Path in 34% cases) . The result is an chain of JSON Path and Ungroup nodes.

Please consider to upgrade the JSON Path node in the way that there will be no need to use the ungroup node… something like a checkbox with function ungroup collection query columns


And the JSON to Table node doesn’t do the trick for you?

Hi @ArjenEX ,

No, the JSON to table node doesn’t do the job. With the same JSON with this node the output is about 1800 columns but in reality there are around 50. Also in the node description it says that for more complex JSON files is better to use JSON Path.