JSON post node delay

using JSON node "POST Request" I am setting the "Delay" to various amounts like 2000 ms, and I see no change in behavior. i.e. no POST delay observed between postings.


Does any know if that feature works or is there a trick to using it? 


I have resorted to using the "wait" node, but that node sets a mininum delay of 1 second - I'd like to be able to go sub second, 500 ms etc as on the surface looks doable in the Post Request node.


any input welcome.

Hi jimo42, 

Thank you for pointing out the problem, I will hand it over to our development team and it will be fixed in one of the feature releases. 



The node works as expected, I just tried it myself. It waits the configured delay between consecutive HTTP requests. Note that the delay only applies to one execution of the node if the input consists of multiple rows. It does not wait between consecutive executions of the node itself.

Thanks All

I am only posting one execution - can’t seem to get the functionality you’re describing thor