JSON read results in 100% CPU load on MS Window 10


New to KNIME and currently forced to run it on MS Windows 10 Pro. Happy to see the more complex patterns proving this software actually works :smile:

Given the simplicity of JSON i assumed parsing it would be a breeze. Things are definitely not easy.

Things i tried all lead to the execution to get hung and not being able to be cancelled.

JSON Reader > JSON To Table
JSON Reader > JSON Path > JSON to table > Table to HTML

And a number of other variants. Either way, i don’t get what on earth a JSON Path is, there is no such thing to my knowledge but KNIME has it.

What on earth am i supposed to do ? How do i force quite a task hung at 0% 15% 33% …

The end goals is to present a table based representation of the nested JSON file. Eventuall running queries on it and/or passing it through a graph database such as neo4j.

would you mind sharing the JSON so I can try it out? In rare circumstances I also use Windows 10 :wink:
JsonPath is to JSON what XPath is to XML: a way of referencing elements inside the datastructure.
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