JSON to Table stucks while running

Dear all,

I'm trying to convert a JSON-Document to CSV. I created a very simple workflow with only 3 nodes:

JSON-Reader ->  JSON to Table -> CSV Writer

Unfortunately if I execute the node "JSON to Table" it stands still at 0%. If executed, I'm not able to abort the task anymore. I have to close KNIME and start again.

The JSON file looks normal to me:

[  {    "objectid":"55ef1ed95eea212b0006ffa9",    "capacity":0,    ...,   ..., ...}, {...}, ....]

"JSON to Table"-Option: does not matter. Always the same behaviour.


Am I doing something wrong?

Best regards,



JSON to Table node first needs to find all paths of the JSON node, which probably takes very long for large JSON files. Unfortunately the underlying JSONPath implementation does not provide an option to cancel this task (though I have to other parts also not too often checking for cancels).

A workaround might be to split the JSON to smaller parts, probably with the JSON Transformer node, though it might be a simpler option to extract only those parts that you need using one of the JSONPath nodes.