json to table


I read json file and I want to convert it to a table, but it gives me like this, and it doesn’t execute.
What’s the problem?


Hi @Rahaf_AbuKhalil , it’s difficult to say from just a picture of the nodes, but it is likely to be a combination of the size of the json file, the number of levels of nesting, and exactly what you are asking it to do in the JSON to Table configuration.

If the JSON is complex, with many nested objects, you are really looking at data which needs to be converted to multiple tables.

Using just a single JSON to Table node and trying to have it unpack everything into a single Table is unlikely to yield useful results. You are more likely to require use of JSON Path to extract nested objects individually.

Can you give more insights about the structure of the JSON and the config of your nodes?


In addition you might want to check out the compute power (ram) you attribute to KNIME

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