Just KNIME It! Season 2

:fire: In 2022 we started Just KNIME It!, a series of weekly challenges with the goal of helping KNIME users prove their KNIME knowledge :nerd_face: and practice their workflow-building skills.

We issued a total of 40 challenges, to which users uploaded solutions onto their personal KNIME Hub spaces. They also shared their solutions here, and we kept a leaderboard :trophy: ranking participants. At the end of the season, we celebrated and awarded our top 4 KNinjas :ninja:– the best participants of the season.

Just KNIME It! was a hit, and we are so happy to be back for its second season! :partying_face: :tada: A subforum with all threads related to the challenges, in which participants discuss and share solutions, can be found here. We hope to see you there learning and having fun with our challenges! :blush:


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Find the Leaderboard for Season 2 at: