Just Sharing Some New Component Tricks!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share some Interactive View based components that incorporate a lot of tricks that I have been working on to get friendly UI tools into my KNIME workflows.

Some of the tricks that they use are: Creating & Incorporating Log Files, Creating & Incorporating Backup Files / Recovery, 1 time (auto-reset to default) widgets for manually triggered actions, friendly UI based data manipulation tables, file launchers for quick and easy file or folder access, process bypasses and settings hiding, etc.

This a simpler example of a 1 time return to default widget setting.


Thanks for these @iCFO! I’m sure the community will find these useful :+1:


Hey @ScottF

Should this kind of thing go into the Feedback and Ideas category instead of here? I wasn’t quite sure where to put a share like this…

I think it’s fine here, people are more likely to run across it in this category. Unless of course you built these components to address functionality you’d like to see in the Analytics Platform, in which case you could make a thread in #feedback too. :slight_smile:


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