K means Clustering


There is a problem !

How could i split a table into multiple output row wise. So that i can give each output into K means and can see that in scatter plot.


Is there any way to use java snippet to achieve the requirement ?


Hi Danny,

what you are looking for is our looping methods. Or I would solve this using loops.

On the example server you find some demos how loops can be setup. What you would need is a chunk loop start or a group loop start, followed by the k-means node. Afterwards a color manager and a JfreeChart Line Chart and than a image to table node, which is finally collected with a loop end node.

Give it a try and if you cannot get it to run let me know and I make you an exampe workflow.

Best, Iris



hello danny,

i am unable to see JFreeChart (scatter plot ) in knime, i cant see its node either

am i mistaken some where please advice

i have knime 3.3.1