KAP 5.1.0 - NGram Creator Node - bug?

Just a brief note that I’m getting a java error using the NGram Creator node. Details follow.


version: Knime Analytics Platform v5.1.0


  1. (table containing short strings)
  2. strings to Document node
  3. NGram Creator node

In the NGram Creator node, options, NGram Settings, there is an option to set the NGram type (Word or Character)

  • When NGram type: Character is selected, the node fails with an error: “Execute failed: java.util.NoSuchElementException”
  • When NGram type: Word is selected, the node works properly

It seems the node does not handle any empty/null strings in the input table. (I have over 2 million rows - and with a couple of stray nulls removed, it now works doing Character-type NGrams).



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