Keep file download links in a flow variable

Hi everyone,

Do you know if there is a way to keep file download links in a flow variable, when we use the node "File Download" from QuickForms?

I would like to use those links in the final report, directly in html or pdf format. For now, I can only download files one by one, by clicking on "next", and I can't go back to the previous file when I click on "Back" (I go back to the last form where I have to upload a file). This means that I have to launch again all computing processes before downloading again the files.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Emmanuel,

variables cannot be directly passed to Reports. But you can save them in a (Temporary) table and afterwards use all of them in the report again? Does this help? 

Do I suppose correctly that you are talking about the webportal reports?

Best regards, Iris 


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