Keep first 2 columns visible in the Table Editor when user scrolls to the right!

Hi guys,

we have a wide data table that we show in a Table Editor for the users to modify. In the first 2 columns there is information that identifies the row (product name & location). The other columns are numeric.

The users would like to have the first 2 columns remain visible (like in Excel) when they scroll all the way to the right. Would this be possible somehow in KNIME?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @d3n1s , under the Options tab, in the ‘Columns to display’ subsection, you can manually select/deselect the columns to be displayed.

Actually we need to show all the columns, but keep in the screen at all times the first 2 columns. This option is called ‘Freeze Panes’ in Excel.

I see. As far as I know, there’s no way to do so with the Table Editor. (If I’m wrong, hope someone can correct me).

In the meantime, there are two options you can try although they might give a messy visual appearance to the entire table:

  1. Instead of having the two identifier columns, you can remove them and add their content to the other columns in the form of substring extensions separated by a simple separator such as an underscore. For example, TESLA_California_3990432.
  2. OR, join the two identifier columns together as one, and add a copy of it in between every few columns.

I see, thanks a lot for the suggestions.

However, I think that both options would make the user experience less convenient than it is currently, so I guess it’s better to leave it as it is.


That’s what I would do, too. Scrolling back to the left won’t be so difficult.

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