Keep Java Heap Space setting after update?

I need to increase the heap size, but it looks overwritten when KNIME updates.

Is there a way to keep this setting persistent?

Hi @robert_m_muench,

out of curiosity, how to you set it? Usually via the knime.ini which, at least to my knowledge, stays persistent even after a major release.


That’s how I do it.

However, since this file is located in the app package, which gets overwritten when you install a new KNIME versio, I’m wondering, if it’s not overwritten as well.

If you use the regular update procedure via Knime, it should not. However, reinstalling does wipe the Knime installation folder almost clean. Only some extension folders, when I put things to test some time ago, we not wiped clean.

Kist for double confirmation, as I recently update Knime, I checked the knime.ini … all fine for me.

Ah, ok.

By regular update procedure you mean the in-app update… make sense, and I used it in the past.

Yepp, in app update. There also is no convenient way available to reinstall but keep settings, the knime.ini and auto-reinstall extensions.

Certainly worth raising a feature request and I think I done something similar already :wink: