Keep NA values from pivot

Hello wondering if you can help me.

I am using a joiner node to make a vloopuk between two different tables, but i need to keep those values the node doesn’t found because then i need to do an additional searching in a different table with other values for those NA values.
However the joiner node only brind me those match values and remove the rest that i also need.

Thanks for your comments

hi @DanielCM2016 and Welcome to the KNIME world,

you may use the “left outer join” or “right outer join” method considering the major table input (top or bottom):

Afterwards take a row splitter node and filter the missing values of the appended columns.

Small cheatsheet for the types of joins.

Hope that helps, regards, Tommy


Hi @DanielCM2016 and welcome to the forum.

If all you’re doing is a VLOOKUP, then you might instead consider using the Cell Replacer node for this purpose, both for simplicity and performance reasons.


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