Keeping Knime in memory during batch run


Is there a way to keep the Knime instance (org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION)  in memory while running a series of Workflows in sequence using a script?

I currently have a series of calls to run Knime in batch mode but each time the entire instance is loaded and unloaded from memory which seems unnecessary. I only need it in memory for the duration of the entire batch run though (which runs abour 7 workflows in sequence).





one solution would be to use our Call Local Workflow node (Part of the commercial Personal Productivity extension)

With this you can make one workflow which calls all the others, hence you only have to start the batch process once.

Cheers, Iris 


PS: more about the Personal Productivity 

Actually, it is possible to run several workflows in one call. The commercial Productivity Extensions contain an extension to the batch executor that allows providing an XML file with workflows to be executed including parameters.

Thanks Iris and Thor!!

To extend my original question further, we have a Knime workflow that can be called on-demand multiple times each day and needs to complete in the quickest possible time. Any way to keep the Knime instance (and this workflow) in memory at all times without the overhead of loading the Knime instance and workflow each time its called.