Keras Network Captured by Capture Workflow does not function

I am trying to capture a Keras Neural Network using Capture workflow node, While debugging my workflow, I was able to simplify the workflow to locate the origin of the error and it is a network defined or loaded in the capture workflow and executed by workflow executor.
As you can see in the image, the output keras network from the workflow executor causes problem when used in network executor node, but when it is used directly without capturing, there is no issue.

Can somebody tell me what exactly is the problem?

No Error

ERROR Keras Network Executor 3:1712:1707:1668:1741:1722 An error occurred while communicating with Python (while reading in the Keras network).
Cause: Keras network reader only supports network files of type h5, json and yaml.
DEBUG Keras Network Executor 3:1712:1707:1668:1741:1722 reset
ERROR Keras Network Executor 3:1712:1707:1668:1741:1722 Execute failed: An error occured during execution of the deep learning network. See log for details.

Hi @Khalilvandian,

not being an expert about Keras but doesn’t the log state the problem that it requires “files of type h5, json and yaml”?


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The layers provide that exact same format of file.

Thanks for the clarification. Any chance to share a test workflow?