Keras Network Learner fails

Hi!. I’m enjoying a reread of “Codeless Deep Learning”. I downloaded the Image Classification MINST workflow that is used in Chapter 9.

(kathrin/Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME – MNIST_Classification – KNIME Hub))

When running the flow the Keras Learner fails with the following message:

Execute failed: Cannot invoke “org.knime.dl.keras.base.nodes.learner.DLKerasLearnerTargetConfig.getLossFunctionEntry()” because “targetCfg” is null

Any suggestions?

Hi @iperez,

I just tested the workflow and it still works fine for me :slight_smile: So lets get it working for you as well :slight_smile:

Can you please share some screenshots of the first three tabs of your settings of the Keras Network Learner node?

Thank you

Hi Kathrin,

I am having the same problem as the other gentleman (difference being I am using the Iris Flower example).

Was there a solution found, and how did it look like…? If so, could you please kindly share?

Regarding the settings on the first three tabs of the Keras Network Learner node, I followed the description in your book, so I am wondering what is going wrong.

Thank you very much & best regards,

@csch_knime_2020, @iperez you could try and set up the Deep Learning environment for Keras like being described in this article. Also there are links to try if the installation does work (mlauber71/Public – kn_example_deeplearning_cats_dogs – KNIME Community Hub).

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