Keras Network Learner fails

Hi!. I’m enjoying a reread of “Codeless Deep Learning”. I downloaded the Image Classification MINST workflow that is used in Chapter 9.

(kathrin/Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME – MNIST_Classification – KNIME Hub))

When running the flow the Keras Learner fails with the following message:

Execute failed: Cannot invoke “org.knime.dl.keras.base.nodes.learner.DLKerasLearnerTargetConfig.getLossFunctionEntry()” because “targetCfg” is null

Any suggestions?

Hi @iperez,

I just tested the workflow and it still works fine for me :slight_smile: So lets get it working for you as well :slight_smile:

Can you please share some screenshots of the first three tabs of your settings of the Keras Network Learner node?

Thank you