Dear All,

I'm new to knime and batch process of workflow in Knime.

I have done Batch Process for a workflow, after a long wait we didn't met the resultset so i manually cancelled by ctrl+c in terminal.

In Knime Application, i can't open the workflow which is used in BATCH PROCESS and showing error as 

"Workflow could not be opened"

Unable to load Workflow "Workflow Name"
It is in use by another user/instance


How to rectify this issue? or kill that instance.

Looking forward for the solution.

Thanks in Advance.



It might be that Ctrl-C only affects the parent process and not the java child process (though that's a guess). You could check your task manager (or 'ps' if on Mac/Linux) to see if there is still the batch process running. If so, you could kill that one and if you want to debug further you could extract a jstack of that process so that we can figure out what's going on.


Thank You Wiswedel. 

Actually what happened after executing the Workflow in batch process and we cancelled the process manually, the .knimelock file is generated/not removed so we can't able to open the workflow, So, in the work flow directory by putting ls -a , we found .knimelock file and removed it and able to open that workflow.

Once again thanks alot Wiswedel.