KIME Server User Permission Editor Scroll Down?

I am trying to add users to access a workflow on my KNIME server; however, it seems like the interface has a Bug that is limiting the number of users? I can not figure out a way to scroll down in that pop up window to see the add new user icon at the bottom. Anyone know how to index down?

(I have blacked out the user names on the left side)

HI @CMassey, which OS and KNIME version are you using?
I could not reproduce your issue on Win 10 and KNIME AP 4.7.
I get a scroll bar as soon as I hit the bottom of the window.


@emilio_s Thank you for responding. I am still using 4.6.4 since that is compatible with my server version. Do you know if this was something that changed from 4.6.x to 4.7?

Hi @CMassey ,

By default KNIME AP (both version 4.6.4 and 4.7.0) does not give the user any option to modify the ‘Group and User Permissions’ configuration window size.
Can I ask if you enlarged the configuration window size manually or it simply kept expanding automatically after you added new rows?

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