Kinda Urgent: Need Help with Aggregation

Hi, guys. I need help with aggregating a table. I created a YouTube video that explains what I need done.

2020 12 13 18 24 29 - YouTube

Hi @cageybee,

thank you for creating this little youtube video. Made it really easy to understand your goal :slight_smile:

I created a little example workflow for you:

The idea is to use the GroupBy node to calculate the aggregated values. Next, I extract only the values from the diagonal, as these are the values you are interested in, using an Unpivoting and an Rule-based Row Filter node. To make it work it is important to use the setting option Keep original name(s) for the Column Names in the GroupBy node.

Lastly I add the information to the original table using a Joiner node.

Please let me know in case you have any questions regarding the example workflow.


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this is my solution. Enjoy.

play_ground.knwf (737.0 KB)


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