KNIME - 050002_CreditScoring - GroupBy problem

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to reproduce the example "050002_CreditScoring" but I encounter problem with the reproduction of the metanode "Nominal to Numerb". In the attachment i have put a screen capture in qich you can see the error and the workfloe design. Moreover, in the attachment there are two Workflow, "050002_CreditScoring" and "KNIME_project3" (my reproduction). I can't understand why this message of error appears:

"WARN GroupBy Group column 'Status of existing checking account' not in spec."


In the workflow made by myself, I don't encounter the problem until I run the node "Loop End (Column Append)". I think the problem is in the node "GroupBy" but I can't find the solution.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the help

Hello Filippo,

you don't need to reproduce the Meta node as we do have a dedicated node for this purpose. It is called Category to Number.

I could not reconstruct your problem. But it tells you that the column 'Status of existing checking account' was used as a grouping column in the group by node and it is no longer in the input data table.

You need to reconfigure the group by node. Non fitting configurations are shown in red.

Let me know if you could solve the problem, or maybe show me a screenshot?

Best, Iris

Thanks a lot Iris.

It works ;) .

Best, Filippo.