Knime 2.10 - oracle driver problem

Hi folks,

I updated to 2.10 and I am having problems loading the oracle driver (ojdbc6.jar) that worked with the 2.9 version.

in more details: I open the database tab in the preferences, I select "new", I navigate to the folder where the driver is stored, select the file but it's not added to the drivers list and I get no error message in the console.

this happens only under Windows, I have another installation undet Red Hat and I didn't find this problem. 

has anyone else encountered this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

thanks a lot


Hi Giovanni, 

Ooh, that is a bit nasty.  We think we tracked down the problem to some byte-code verification related problem.  The good news is that you can likely fix this by removing the following line from your knime.ini file. Let us know if this resolves the problem for now.  We will look into fixing this properly in KNIME 2.10.2.


Hi Aaron,

it works fine!

thanks a lot