KNIME 2.10 & WEKA 3.7 - old bug: unpopulated trees

With the new version of KNIME there is still an old bug with WEKA integration. Option selection trees in WEKA classifier nodes' option dialogues (choose button) are still empty.

Also - there is still no access to override WEKA classifiers' parameters with flow variables.


thanks a lot for reporting this issue!

But, could you please provide some more details, e.g. which weka-node is affected? Because for meta-classifiers like 'Bagging', 'RandomCommittee' etc. everthing seems fine, as far as I can see.




Of course - it concerns every classifier node from WEKA 3.7 that has an Choose button in the configuration window.

Weka currently does not support workflow variables in KNIME: we have this on our road map, but it has not been scheduled for any release.

The problem is fixed and probably available with 2.10.1. This issue should only concern weka nodes where a NearestNieghbourSearch algorithm has to be selected. All nodes that require the selection of either a Classifier, Clusterer, Associator, SearchAlgorithm or a BayesNetEstimator should work fine. Can you confirm this?

Are there other nodes with the same problem (except those that require the selection of a NearestNeighbourSearch-algorithm)?

An issue regarding the flow-variables support of Weka Nodes has been created and is in progress. I will post a note after the target milestone is defined.

Flow Variables in Weka 3.7 are support with KNIME v2.11; we just released 2.11.2 with a bugfix concerning this integration.