knime 2.10. Win64 installer problems

dear all, when trying to download/install Knime 2.10 Win64 the downloaded installer file is not of "*.exe" type. instead I get a file named "KNIME 2.10.0%20Installer%20 64bit[1]". It can be renamed and run but some installation problems still persist. there was no such problem with previous versions of Knime. any hints? many thanks! Zdenek Skala

I'm having the same problem.

With which browser are you downloading the file? It seems the file gets a) a wrong name during the download and b) corrupted.

browser: MSIE 10.0.10



actually, the problem probably does not arise during the download - when clicking on "64bit" Win installer and "save as", in the "file type" window there appears "%20Installer%2064bit[1]" - as a "type of file". there should be (and usually there is) ".exe" or another usual file extension.

thanks again.


Same here, come to think of it -- I had to rename the file to .exe manually, then it worked. IE9.


Internet Explorer suggest the wrong filename because it get's confused by a parameter in the webform. We changed the server configuration so that also IE should suggest you the correct filename. I'd be happy if you could double-check and report success (or failure).

Works on my end now, thanks!


works fine now.

thanks a lot!