Knime 2.12.1: behavior of Column Filter QuickForm is not the same in Knime analytic and through webportal

Hi all,

I'm struggling with the node Column Filter QuickForm in Knime 2.12.1.

Using this node in the Knime analytic platform (Knime 2.12.1) is fine: an empty selection is possible

Using the same node through the webportal (Knime rmi 2.12.1) doesn't allow an empty selection so the user is stucked there. We need to allow an empty selection.

Two questions:

Q1: Is there an explanation somewhere for the two different behaviors of the same node (depending on the context of execution)? The description of the node is silent on this topic.

Q2: Is there a workaround to allow an empty selection (in this case, nothing selected)?


The same issue exists with the Value Filter QuickForm. It works fine in Knime analytic (empty selection is valid) and refuses en empty selection when ran through the webportal.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.




ps1: a simple workflow is provided (see attached file) with only two nodes so you can try it.

ps2: using the latest version of knime (3.1) is not a solution (for now) as it will imply a lot of updates of our workflows and private nodes.

ps3: a request for help has already been sent to the knime support but no reply yet (as I sent the request only yesterday). Maybe some folks have faced and solved the same issue.




Hi Yannic,

I took a look at your sample workflow. You are using the legacy Quickforms, where unfortunately at least one column has to be selected in the WebPortal. I can offer you two solutions/workarounds for your problem.

  • Use the new Quickforms, if that is a possibility for you. The new Column Filter Quickform node does allow an empty selection.
  • If you have to use the legacy nodes you could prepend a page, where you use a Boolean Input Quickform to ask if an empty selection is wanted and enable/disable the column filter with the use of an If-Switch, for example.

I know there is no optimal solution here, but we mainly stopped the development of the legacy Quickform nodes and are focusing on the new Quickforms.

Let me know if one of the solutions works for you, or if you need further help.



I forgot to answer and thank you.

We did solve the issue using some additional IF node as you have suggested