Knime 2.3 Flow Control nodes not available

I’ve just downloaded and installed Knime SDK 2.3. I can not see the new Flow Control category of nodes.

The Flow Control category is disabled by default. You can enable these features by changing a line in the 'eclipse.ini' for the SDK version (otherwise 'knime.ini') located in the KNIME installation directory. Just set

to enable KNIME expert mode. After restarting KNIME you will find a new top-level category.

-- Dominik

can we get rid of that useless define, and just show the nodes for everyone? 

If you are building workflows you will probably want to use a loop at some point.  If you aren't using loops it doesn't seem to hurt anything to have them listed anyways.

The next version of KNIME will get rid of that mode, yes. We want to clean up the loop/variable nodes before putting them into the standard KNIME release. Right now they are not quite up to our standards and may confuse new users more than they help...



As I can check it with export mode "Flow control" is always present in Knime 2.3.1 !

What is more clearly the plan for "loop/variable nodes" in the next version ?


We are currently improving the workflow variable support heavily and will come up with some new web-enabled workflow components presented during the KNIME Users Group Meeting 2011 next week in Zurich. Regarding the so-called expert mode, that currently hides the workflow variables, nodes, and dialog options from the user, it will be removed as soon as we get these new features into a stable release state; planned for v2.4.