knime 2.5.1 not available


I am using KNIME 2.5.0 (Windows Vista 32bit), and when I check for new updates or go to install new software, there are none related to KNIME 2.5.1, only community updates which I have now applied.

I have the KNIME update site present in the available software list (KNIME Update Site - so I am unsure why it is not picking up the latest version to 2.5.1.

Any ideas ?


Hi Simon,

I verified it and it works for me (also on 32bit windows). Potential problems could be:

- it's already installed (90% of the features have a version number "2.5.0" as there are no changes since then)? ... what does the splash screen say?

- Your installation is somewhere in C:\Program Files and you don't have permisson to change files in there (windows is weird - this can be problematic even if you are admin)

- another problem with the internet connection (maybe try the zipped US

What does the eclipse/knime update manager list as latest components?

Hope that helps,


Hi Bernd,

THe splashscreen still says 2.5.0. The latest installed component is KNIME SDK

I'm also able to modify and delete contents from the knime 2.5 folder in c:\program files. I am the administrator and seem to be able to make changes anywhere.

All the community updates latest updates are detected fine and install fine too.

I'll try the zipped file which I am downloading.



Hi Simon,

If the zipped US doesn't help, try to move the KNIME installation to a different place. (No worries, it's save to do as there are no entries in the windows registry or so -- the folder is self-contained).

Where does KNIME install the community extensions when you update them? Are they put into c:\program files\knime_xyz\plugins\ or are they put someplace else (if so, then they are in $HOME\.eclipse\some_intermediate_path\plugins). If it's the latter it indicates that there is a permission problem...



I checked the knime 2.5.0/plugins directory and all the recent community extensions are in there so there are no permission issues.

After downloading the zipped US file, and pointing KNIME to this, everything updated to 2.5.1. I'm unsure why the updates were not found from the update site, but they are all installed now thanks to the zip file.

Thanks all for the help,