Knime 2.8 and Location Intelligence

Knime 2.8 with OSM node released today.

Will it allow me to take a location and do a 10 min drivetime polygon map?

Any ideas on heatmapping, geoprocessing ( tweets with a particular sentiment at a location at a time) will be helpful.




Hi Sameer,

unfortunately the current OSM plugin is only limited to points (i.e. single coordinates) and doesn't support polygons (i.e. routes and tracks) to be rendered on top of the map, yet. This would require an own geo-data type (i.e. a data cell). But in the distant future we want to supported that as well.

Regarding the heatmapping: The appearence (color, shape, size) of the markers (i.e. the points of interest) for both the OSM Map View- and the OSM Map to Image-node can be manipulated by the standard Shape-, Color-, and Size Manager-nodes. This allows one to set the map markers appearence (e.g. the color) depending on some other attribute (e.g. the sentiment).

The attached example workflow demonstrates that.



Thanks very much. I look forward to that.

Even if geoproccing is sent to another server ( open source) that will come very usefull

I ran the displays looked very impressive as you could control the size of circles.....and yes if there are spatial operations that can be achieved that will be fantastic.


i just tested the osm node and find i very useful.

Now, do you plan to integrate a map-matching algorithm that will snap positions to roads and extrakt the tags of that particular road segment?

regards, d

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