KNIME 3.0.0 - Node Connections Misaligned

Hey folks,

I noticed that the node connections are a little bit misaligned in KNIME 3.0.0, which means that the node's in- and outports are not vertically centered. Alternatively the grid is not centered. It becomes a little bit challenging to my eyes after 8 hours of work. :-D



Hi Marc,

jupp, I have to admit I am a node arranger as well. I pushed this is in bug tracking system.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

Same here! But further to fixing the standard function of alignment (using the node boundary box), I'd love to have a setting to have KNIME favour a "straight connectors" alignment paradigm. This way, connector lines from e.g. a multi-outport node to a single-inport node don't turn arbitrarily diagonal (the diagonal's angle being a function of the port count difference). :-)