Knime 3.3.1 application is not responsive as previous release


I've used Knime 2.12 for a long time. Now,starting using Knime 3.3.1 I've noticed that it is not responsive as before. It starts normally but reacts slow (e.g. takes more than 5 secs to open a simple CSV Reader). Furthermore, when it finally opens the node sometimes knime console shows the warning: "WARN  KNIMEApplication$4  Potential deadlock in AWT Event Queue detected. Full thread dump will follow as debug ouput" (I'm Windows 7 Professional 64 bit).

I've looked at the FAQ and I've found similar problem for Linux users. I tried to change the knime.ini file as suggested but it didn't work.

Can please someone help me to understand how can i fix it?

Thank you.



Actually opening nodes' configuration panel is very slow. It happens with Joiner node as well (almost 1 min to take control of the configuration panel).

Is Knime hearing?

Thank you

Yes, KNIME is listening :-)

Can you attach your log file to this thread?