Knime 3.4; Cannot connect to database when executing on the server.


I have recently updated knime to 3.4 and it works charm, but when I upload my workflow to the server (that is still on 3.3 for while), and try to execute is, I can't connect to the database. 

There are messages for workflow "......"
  Database Connector 182:3062 - ERROR: Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Login failed for user '......'. ClientConnectionId:287bc189-a623-4309-817e-69a288e17ae1

When I then save it as a workflow and open, the passwords are not present in database connector nodes. I wonder if there's been any changes to the way credentials are managed when connecting the database that would result in the problem? 

Any help will be greatly appreciated. For the time being I'm moving back to 3.3.2 to double check and make sure it's the 3.4 v 3.3 server that's causing issues. 




If you create/edit workflow in 3.4 it is not guaranteed to work in previous versions. In this case the database nodes created by 3.4 will not work in 3.3 because we added encrypted password which are not understood by previous versions.

Hi guys,

I have an issue which I believe may be related. Once I updated to 3.4 I couldn't connect to one of our oracle databases anymore using my existing workflows. This is the error I get:

ERROR Database Connector 0:3 Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Connection to database '' timed out

I tried different workflows, re-adding the database connector node on a completely new workflow, reloading the oracle driver and even restarting but the problem persisted. Like Joseph, I also decided to go back to 3.3.2 for the time being.

Any thoughts? Much appreciated.