KNIME 3.4 job factory manager error

Hello guys,

I am getting this error on several example projects.

Example log below when I load the Amazon S3 example:


ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable            Errors during load: Status: Error: 01_Amazon_S3_Remote_File_Example 5 loaded with errors
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable              Status: Error: 01_Amazon_S3_Remote_File_Example 5
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: wrapped node with ID suffix 123
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                  Status: Error: Can't restore node execution job manager: Unknown job manager factory id "org.knime.core.streaming.SimpleStreamerNodeExecutionJobManagerFactory" (job manager factory possibly not installed?)


Any idea why this is happening?

Your installation is missing the "KNIME Streaming Execution (Beta)" extension from KNIME Labs.

Perfect, that worked. It would be nice to have a proper message dialog so that the user knows what to install.