KNIME 3.5.3 spacing looks bad on Linux

Hey KNIMErs.

I have a workflow which I work on both on Linux and MAC in KNIME 3.5.3. After creating the workflow on MAC the spacings between nodes, fonts and etc look good. But then I open the workflow on Linux and this is what I see in the workspace (please see attachment). The text from the node titles and descriptions are overlapping and all becomes unreadable. This is especially surprising because my font scaling in Linux is at default (100%) and the screen resolution is the same on both computers. I tried tweaking fonts in the KNIME settings and also switched themes, but that did not make any change.

What can I do about the issue?


  • Timofei

Hi Timofei,
It is expected behavior because KNIME Analytics Platform uses pre-defiened fonts. They are determined automatically by your OS. You could change that in File > Preferences > General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts.

Hope it helps.