KNIME 3.5 Google Sheets Nodes With Flow Variables -- is this a bug?

The new Google Sheets nodes introduced is KNIME 3.5 are great! They've been very useful to us.


We want to take them to the next step and pass in Google Sheets keys and names in flow variables to edit them.


However, when we use the "Google Sheets Reader" node and try to set the flow variables, we get nonsensical error messages.

As soon as I set the "Flow Variables" -> "spreadsheet" -> "spreadsheetId" and "sheetName" variables (see attached image), and click OK, we immediately see an error message saying that "Spreadsheet ID must not be empty" -- is this a bug? The spreadsheet ID is the variable we set to be non-empty (the variables are not empty either).

Any ideas, or could someone from KNIME track this as a bug?

Hey YetAnotherKnimeUser,

this is a side effect of strongly enforced constraints in the dialogue, you need to configure the node with valid values once, before you can override the values with flow variable.



Hi Gabriel,

Thank you! That was exactly what I needed to know -- it works now, thank you!

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