KNIME 3.51: slow loading of node repository

I recently updated KNIME 3.50 to KNIME 3.51.  I observe that the time required to load the node repository in 3.5.1 is significantly longer than in 3.50.  Is the slower node repository loading for 3.5.1 to be expected? Is there some setting that got changed in the update?

I verified the problem by performing a clean install of KNIME 3.5.1 on a fast test machine ( 3.4 GHz, 32 GB, SSD). I observe the following:

(1) KNIME 3.5.1 node repository loading does not saturate CPU, memory or drive capacity limitations, and

(2) node repository loading is slower in the 3.51 install relative to repository loading on 3.5.0 install on a computer with lower specs.

Thanks for any help 

There are no changes in 3.5.1 that would explain the slow node repository loading. We also haven't observed this ourselves.

(PROBLEM SOLVED) I found that deleting the .metadata folder in the KNIME workspace and allowing the installation during loading to build a new .metadata file solved the repository loading performance problem. The solution suggests that the contents of the .metadata folder became corrupted somewhere during update or usage. This, most likely, was an Eclipse rather than KNIME problem

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