KNIME 3.6.0: Suprising behaviour of if ( 1 && $A$,...) in Math Formula node

I’m observing a suprising behaviour using a Math Formula node, that seems to be in line with the documentation but violates the principle of least suprise (at least for me):

Having a column A with double values including negative values, the behaviour of the following to expressions in a Math Formula node is different:

  1. if($A$,1,0) results in 1 for negative values of $A$
  2. if(1 && $A$,1,0) results in 0 for negative values of $A$

So the && seems to change the way true and false are evaluated as compared to the “pure” $A$, which I consider counterintuitive.

Is it only me?


Hi Felix,

the operator && is explained as follows: “1 if both operands are not 0, else 0.”
So in the case of $A$ && 1, the result is always 1, if $A$ is not equal to 0.

The if function on the other hand decides if a value is smaller or bigger than zero.

I will add some more description to the if function. Thanks for reporting.
Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris,

thank you for the explanation. I appreciate an improvement of the documentation.
Nevertheless the fact that
if($A$ && 1, …, …) != if($A$, …, …)
is something that seems to be unique to KNIME. At least I don’t know a tool/language where this is the case. So it might be worth considering a change to that behavior to avoid surprising people whose assumptions about if and && are different.