KNIME 3.6 Release

Hi Everyone!

we just today released KNIME 3.6.0 with a lot of great features! You can find a overview here:

What is your favorite new feature or node? Any feedback you can write here.

Cheers, Iris

PS: My favorites are the outlier node and the create local big data environment node


Thanks! Loving the hot keys for node selection and connection. I know it is a small detail but it really feels cool to use the platform primarily with a keyboard.


The new BigDataViewer integration in :knime:KNIME Image Processing is awesome!


Outlier node, local big data and sparkling water are totally AWESOME! New DB extension looks really nice too.

Btw I have a question - will Column Store (Preview) work in old workflows? Should I do any additional work or just “install and forget”? :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

for now I fancy the most ability to drop node onto connection to place it between two nodes. Saves time. Cool :slight_smile:


Hi Elderion,

If you configure KNIME to store data using the column store, it will still be able to read workflows (and their data) that have been saved using the default data store.

To install (and forget :slight_smile:), you’ll have to

  1. Install the extension “KNIME Column Storage (based on Apache Parquet)”.
  2. Restart KNIME and activate the format via “File -> Preferences -> KNIME -> Data Storage”.

Happy KNIMEing :smile:



Yeah! Thank you Iris and all KNIMERs for the great work :heart_eyes:

We were also hardworking last two days and made NodePit compatible with the new KNIME 3.6 release. You can already find details about all new nodes and workflows there. Want an example?

Best regards,


The BigDataViewer sounds good indeed. I didn’t check the KNIP nodes for a while. Did the internal image storage format change, too?