KNIME 3 - node label font size

Hi there,

I started to play around with KNIME 3 and I absolutely don't like the standard font size of the nodes (name + comment).

I'm working with MacOS 10.9 and Java 1.8.0_66.

The nodes are at 100% zoom much worse to read than before due to a pretty small font. I have attached 3 screenshots.

1) KNIME 3.0 node with 150%

2) KNIME 3.0 node with 100 %

3) KNIME 2.12 node with 100%

two more things. the node description under the node is not fully readable at 150% and the font size becomes as small as it is with 100% when editing the node description (see screenshots)


Hi Antje,

wow this is tiny. With my win10 the default is a lot nicer. We will take a look into this if we can find a special case solution for MaxOSX here. Thank you for reporting it!


Hi Antje,

we worked on the font sizes for our 3.2 release.  (released friday)

Could you check if this improves your vis?

Cheers, Iris