KNIME 4.0.2 JChem Extensions -- Cannot Install

I have purchased a license for the JChem Extensions to KNIME, but I am unable to contact the server to download and install the extensions. Is this possibly a version mis-match? I am running KNIME version 4.0.2. Thank you.

EDIT: I contacted the New York office of ChemAxon. They confirmed that the link to the server in Japan is outdated. Nevertheless, it is possible to install the nodes via the Community link and activate them with a valid license.

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Hi @rjrich,

Glad to hear this is resolved!

Where is this “Community link” you casually mention from which JChem Extensions can be downloaded? I have been searching for these extensions for a while.

You can start from here.

Hi there @averysader,

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If not mistaken a community link is this one:

You need to enable it from within KNIME:
File --> Preferences --> Install/Update --> Available Software Sites

Then you can search for nodes and install.

Here is link for more info how to install extensions and integrations in KNIME:


Hi @ipazin,
Thank you for your reply, and apologies to OP for the curtness of mine. I was under a time crunch and highly stressed, but that’s no excuse.
The issue was completely my fault: I had an incompatible version of KNIME installed (2.5.1). When I downloaded 4.1 and updated, the InfoCom link from Japan (provided by ChemAxon licensing department) worked just fine.

Thank you again,

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Hi @averysader,

no problem. Glad to hear it is resolved. (And that you updated your KNIME version :slight_smile:)