KNIME 4.1.1 List of open WF is not updated

I migrate WF to v 4.1.1 and delete old one. Anyway, even after KNIME restart old WF are still on a list.

The list of recent workflows should run a check at launch time to assure that anything it thinks should be in the list (which is derived from information stored in your workspace’s metadata directory) actually exist on the filesystem, and if they do not they are removed (and during this verification process, the menu item for the specific workflow will be visible, but disabled.)
Are you saying that there is a menu item, enabled, for a workflow and when you click on that workflow menu item you get an error message that says this workflow doesn’t exist / cannot be opened/found ?

Yes, I’ve got a message. Simply have an assumption that deleted items not supposed to be on a list.

Yes - deleted items should not be on the list - i’ll attempt to replicate this locally. Could you attach a screenshot of the error dialog you see?

After message it disappeared from the list. So, I cannot reproduce.

Hmm… ok, but to restate what you did:

  • you had WF saved under a previous version of KNIME in a different workspace
  • you installed 4.1.1 fresh
  • you created a new workspace for 4.1.1
  • you imported a WF from your old workspace and saved it to your new workspace
  • you deleted the WF in your old workspace
  • you quit and restarted 4.1.1
  • on restart, the WF in your old workspace was listed in the recent items menu and it was enabled
  • you clicked on that old workspace WF and got an error dialog saying that WF could not be opened

Please correct anything that is wrong in that description so i can attempt to replicate your problem.

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I installed 4.1.1 fresh. Migrated old work space. Migrated, say, WF1. Saved WF1 migrated.
Deleted WF1. Closed KNIME. Started KNIME. Press >> button in the of the active WF list.
Picked WF1 from the list. Got message.

When you say “Migrated old work space” and ‘Migrated WF1’ - what do you mean? Did you make a new empty workspace in 4.1.1 and then import, or did you point 4.1.1 at the previous version’s workspace, or ?

I just rewrite new works pace. When I open old WF it offers migration. I just follow wizard.

Ok - thanks for the information.

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